Blocking Digital Distractions That 
Make You Unproductive

Instagram. Facebook. YouTube. Twitter. Buzzfeed. Netflix…

The list of digital distractions is literally endless. TimeChi helps you block all notifications and social media sites that make you go into browsing mode and lose focus.

Simply sync the TimeChi device with your mobile and computer, enter the list of websites you’d like to block while you’re working, and let TimeChi take care of the rest.

Displaying a Do Not Disturb Signal for Coworkers

Let’s face it – not everyone respects the headphones on, no talking rule. TimeChi offers a better way to reduce physical interruptions that threaten your productivity.

Use the traffic light indicator on the device to let your co-workers and everyone around you know when you’re free to talk and when you’re not to be disturbed.

Getting in the Zone for Deep Work

Initiate a focus period on your TimeChi device and the app will immediately mute all notifications and block all distracting websites.

When the focus period ends and a break starts, the app unmutes and unblocks notifications and websites so you can relax and browse away. 

Don’t worry about getting sucked back into the vortex of endless distractions, though. The device also reminds you to take regular breaks, so you can find your balance and refocus when it’s time to get back to work.

Why Customers Love TimeChi

love my TimeChi. I've conceptually been a fan of the Pomodoro technique but the implementation by software timers hasn't worked for me. TimeChi works - because of its implementation as a physical button.

- Sven Radavics

I managed to do a whole day of studying 
in two hours!

- Angus Ryan

Block Everything That’s Making You Lose Focus, 
Be More Productive with TimeChi

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Say Hello to A More Productive You

TimeChi helps you focus by blocking all digital distractions and physical interruptions. 

This application + device combo helps you stay focused so you can achieve more tasks on a given day and not get distracted while working.

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